Sales & Trading Overview

The Sales & Trading Team is composed of eight individuals in our Toronto and Vancouver offices who deal with over 100 clients throughout North America and Europe. Salman Partners Research Analysts provide valuable and timely insight to our Sales & Trading Team, resulting in a knowledgeable team that can tell the stories behind the companies they trade.

Salman Partners is a significant trader of the companies we research, generally ranking in the top half and often in the top 10 in terms of total trading volume. Salman Partners provides a strong commitment to our issuing clients and to companies we provide research on, both at the time of an equity issue by providing wide distribution, and in the after-market, by increasing liquidity through secondary trading.

Salman Partners maintains strong relationships with institutions in Canada, the United States and Australia, generating over 40% of institutional commissions from outside of Canada. The strong penetration of our Sales Team combined with an effective corporate finance department and a reputable research department results in outstanding service for our corporate and institutional clients.